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Villa for rent in Thailand, Phang-Nga Province, near Phuket

Villa Lydia, which is currently for rent in Thailand, was built in 2011 as a living house and is named after the Owner's daughter.

It is the right place for those who’s dream was and is to live on the tropical island in the house of their own.
The house was built at quite a steep slope of the hill, at 250 metres’ distance from the beach and at 15 metres above sea level.

Staying in the Villa, you can easily be on your own , at the same time enjoying the true life of an islander.

Leaving the Villa, you will find yourselves immersed in the life of the aborigines. Returning to the Villa is like coming back home, to the place, where you can hide from the rain or heat, to the place, where there are only you and your friends, separated from the rest of the world by the sea, small river, forest and green fence.

WELCOME TO VILLA LYDIA (Private Residence)

Luxury Private Pool Villa for rent in Thailand.

Renting Villa Lydia in Thailand gives you a chance to find as much Privacy and Comfort as it is possible to find in the Island. Comfort and Privacy – that is what we prepare for you.

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